Friday, February 26, 2010

National Science Day 28th Feb 2010

SCOSH (Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities)
is celebrating
National Science Day on 28th Feb.
The Day is observed to mark the novel
discovery of
Raman Effect by the great Indian Physicist Sir C. V.Raman
28th February, 1928.

Kindly go through the attached poster for details.
You are requested to come to the venue for the same.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paramount presents "sherlock holmes"

"Paramount" our much awaited monthly movie screening event is back with yet another must-watch!
"Sherlock Holmes"

: For details go through the poster.

Friday, November 20, 2009

WHAT WE ARE ......beta

The ultimate fascination one can ever have in life is true love for science, as it is the study that portrays what surrounds us and imbibes us.

With the re-grown realization of the importance’s of applied and basic sciences as a factor in the growth of nation the Government of India laid the commencement of Integrated M.Sc courses at various IITs and NITs(The elite Science and Technical Institutes of India) , aimed at procuring the hidden and the best talent across the country and globe for the cause.

SCOSH, Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities were formed with considerable inputs of the professors and students at N.I.T (National Institute of Technology), Surat. Currently in its third year of existence we have indeed quite made an impact on the mindsets of a student’ attitude towards Science and in due course, Technology.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scosh Presents "A beautiful mind" under our show Paramount.

Paramount is an initiative taken by SCOSH to screen Movies once in month at the various plausible locations in college, (preferably LT1).

We have chosen an economical way by making the entry tickets of only five rupees.
A long cherished dream of every Svnit-ian is now on the track , with SCOSH promising to bring out one legendary movie every month.

Watch the Trailer of our upcoming movie "A beautiful Mind" @,

Watch out for details........

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Scosh ?

The motto of scosh, a budding chapter of NIT Surat, formed by the students of the Department Applied Sciences is to bring about a scientific temperament amongst the youth and hence to enable the realization of the relevance of humanities amongst them.

Every application and hence technology arises somewhere from the most basic concepts of pure sciences, and very clearly the aim of any application is to cater to the needs of the life sustainably. While the gap between the thought of a scientist and the need of the hour is bridged by the engineers and the managers, it becomes essential to have a society to bring the people at both the ends and the ones in between together.

As a part of the plan, after the efforts of the students who walk with this notion in mind, SCOSH came into existence in the year 2008, as a dormant chapter of NIT Surat, initializing with small yet significant events in its first year, such as a Prakriti,Science Hunt,Khagol-Shastra, Fiction writing competition etc . Now in its very second year it stands on par with the other bigger and more experienced chapters of the institute.

With a newly formed core team consisting of six members after a thorough scrutiny, now SCOSH is all set ready to come out with flying colours with a surprise package of never seen, highly edutaining events to leave its participants thoughtful.

The year 2009 comes along with a very new face of SCOSH, with a logo of butterfly that promises to bring about greater changes in spite of the fact that we are small.The impact we are going to leave is big.

Follow the blog to know more....long to meet our core team members..soon on the blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Theme for the Year!

Does a butterfly know that it means a lot to a scientist? Is there anything more to its wings apart from those alluring colors? Well, it’s time we give the butterfly a higher stature!!

The wing movements of a butterfly might have significant repercussions on wind strength and movements throughout the weather systems of the world, and theoretically, could cause tornadoes halfway around the world.

Thanks to Edward Lorenz, a mathematician and a meteorologist, for his work in establishing “the butter fly effect” on the background of “chaos theory”. What has this effect got to do with us? The very word “effect” as the dictionary says, means, “ a change, reaction or a result that is caused by something.” a very tiny variation (as is the motion of the wings of a butterfly), can bring about a significant change in the giant and complex systems. Being more scientific, small variation of the initial conditions of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behaviour of the system. Talking in our terms, a very small change that one comes across may render ones behaviour unpredictable. Small, yet significant, happenings bring about a change, this change is easily brought about as the energies converse as we say!!

A firm faith in the significant changes that a small deed can bring about, is a thinkers thought, a socialiser’s hope, a realtor’s tact, a director’s point and a leader’s goal. Science works miracles everywhere.

May the fragrance of science and humanities being cultivated in the wet soils hang in the air, as the small things make wonders.